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Our portfolio for tests and proteome analysis

For efficient detection and enhanced research !

We offer ready-to-use Protein Microarrays for Research and tests on Human and Animal Allergy detection and Pathogens identification, as well as a new 19K microarray for Human Proteome analysis.
Our Microarrays Specialists can also develop for you many applications and strengthen your project with in-depth expertise for complete or partial Microarray Services.

HuProt™ v2.0 19K Human Proteome Microarrays
contains 19,275 human proteins representing most of the human proteome, for human proteomics applications including global analysis of the human immune response, small molecule-protein interactions, enzyme-substrate interactions, antibody binding specificity, protein-protein interactions, and the binding of DNA and RNA to the human proteome· 

Human Allergy Test
Allergen Microarrays Test and Screen for 123 Allergens for Immunoglobulin E (IgE) and 101 Allergens for Immunoglobulin G (IgG) present in Human Serum. We offer IgE and IgG allergen microarrays for use in your laboratory and as a complete service. These products are for Research Use Only.

AllerSpot™ Companion Animal Allergy TestingService
The screening criteria for the 62 allergens is based on rigorous scientific studies and environmental research on various factors affecting the prevalence rates of allergies. Based on this information, we have identified the most common allergens that are inhaled or ingested by companion animals. This test is available to licensed Veterinarians only.

Pathogen Antigen Microarrays
permit rapid detection of reactive serum antibodies against a wide range pathogenic microorganisms. Available as printed antigen microarrays and complete kits, this product line sets a new standard for research into the molecular basis of microbial infection.

Custom Protein Microarrays
From the research level to intensive production of IVD microarrays in controlled environment with class 10K clean rooms, you can trust our skills and in-depth competences to support your development or your production. Our Protein Discovery and Validation Services enable rapid and precise analysis of therapeutic protein function.

Protein Microarray Buffers
Arrayit’s Protein Microarray Kit is the first complete protein microarray buffer system on the market. Kit contents include activation buffer, reaction buffer, wash buffer and rinse buffer. Supports all protein microarrays and takes the guess work out of microarray-based proteomic studies.

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