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Books & Softwares

Array Designer Software

Arrayit and PremierBiosoft have joined forces to make state-of-the-art oligonucleotide design software available to the researcher at an affordable price.


Microarrays Methods and Applications

Microarrays Methods and Applications is a “how to” manual for the laboratory researcher who is using or plans employing DNA or protein microarray technologies.


DNA Array Image Analysis

Intended as reading material for students and researchers with different scientific backgrounds who are just entering the exciting field of microarray research and applications.



A Beginner’s Guide to Microarrays

A Beginner's Guide to Microarrays addresses two audiences - the core facility manager who produces, hybridizes, and scans microarrays, and the basic research scientist who will be performing the analysis and interpreting the results. User friendly coverage and detailed protocols are provided for the technical steps and procedures involved in many facets of microarray technology. Edited by Dr. Eric Blaylock with contributions from Todd Martinsky, Executive Vice President of Arrayit Corporation, who provided Chapter 3 entitled “Printing Technologies and Microarray Manufacturing Techniques: Making The Perfect Microarray.” The Beginner’s Guide is essential reading for a broad range of microarray scientists and laboratories.



DNA Microarrays

Essential reading for anyone interested in DNA Microarrays.




Microarray Biochip Technology

The perfect companion piece to DNA Microarrays: A Practical Approach.



Protein Microarrays
This cutting-edge volume edited by Dr. Mark Schena, the leading expert in the microarray field, features contributions by renowned scientists in the hot new field of protein microarrays.


Microarray Analysis

Dr. Mark Schena, under the direction of Wiley Science Editor Dr. Luna Han, explores the full gamut of subject areas in biology's hottest field with vivid clarity and detail.




DNA Microarrays - ME

Father of Microarray Technology Dr. Mark Schena, together with David Hames and his colleagues at Scion Publishing, offer the very latest protocols for DNA microarray experimentation.  Twelve chapters written by the world’s leading laboratories is a must-read for anyone using DNA microarrays for whole genome or sub-genomic analysis of gene expression, genotyping, CGH, and other applications in humans and other organisms.



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