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Amplification & RT- PCR

October 2013 :

Launch of the AtserScan, a new awesome multi-modal scanner working for microarray and cells analysis

July 2013:

EBN enlarges its portfolio of instruments for cells and tissues like LMD and TMA systems

February 2013

EBN installs the first prototype of AsterScan for Cells transfection microarrays analysis

June 2012 :

EBN develops a new mtuli-modal Microarray Scanner

January 2012 :

EBN extends the proposal of Microarray Services to the processing of Commercial high-density microarrays

June 2011 :

EBN offers the multiplexing of Elisa Tests in Microarray formats and develops Biomarkers in human diagnostic applications

January 2011 :

EBN proposes Microarray Services in Genomics and Proteomics

September 2010 :

EBN European Biotech Network publish his new website integrating Microarray tools and instruments as well as Kits and instruments for Molecular Biology.

July 2010 :

EBN signs a distribution agreement for the Xiril Liquid Handling systems

June 2010 :

EBN presents at Forum Labo Paris a Microarrayer for Diagnostic applications in Elisa Format

May 2010 :

EBN presents at Analytica Large inkjet Microarrayers like the ArrayJet Marathon

March 2010 :

EBN evaluates new Microarray Scanners for Colorimetric and Fluorescence in Elisa and standard formats

January 2010 :

EBN develops the distribution of iNtRON Kits for Molecular Biology




   European Biotech Network

 Microarray Expert in Instrumentation, Design 
and Production for Research and Diagnostics

European Biotech Network (EBN) specialise in Microarrays from the start of their development. EBN integrates the deep competences of its experts and the experience accumulated by recognised producers in the field.
EBN has established a valuable specialised network in Europe, allowing to select efficiently the right experts for the right projects.

Self-production of your own microarrays
EBN provides you with specialised instruments adapted to your spotting projects (proteins, antibodies, antigens, peptides, sera, tissues, cells…DNA, Oligos, carbohydrates and lipids etc), and is able to train and to support you in all steps. Additionally EBN provides you with Microarray spotters (all sizes, contact and non-contact printers), Hybridisation stations and tools, Microarray scanners (colorimetric or fluorescence) and ozone-free enclosures.

Production of custom microarrays
From design to the final analysis, you can trust EBN's skills and seriousness to produce your genomic and proteomic microarrays.
EBN helps researchers accelerate their discovery projects with custom-made solutions and biochip technologies. With tailor-made solutions based on in-depth knowledge of biomolecular chemistry and bioassays, EBN helps the pharmaceutical, agrifood, cosmetics and environment industries achieve superior performance levels.

European Biotech Network
Route d'Esneux, 140
Phone / Fax : +32 (0) 4.388.43.98