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Ion Proton Lifetechnologies

PI Chips Lifetechnologies

The principle of the sequencing is based on the detection of H+ ions at the time of the incorporation of the bases. The absence of fluorescent molecules makes this technology faster (24h approximately) and less expensive. Currently, chip PI makes it possible to generate between 60 and 80 million sequences, it is approximately 10 gigabases data.


Our platform deals with your projects since the quality control of the samples, until the analysis of your data.

- Sequencing de novo: sequencing of the DNA from an organization not having a genome of reference

- Re-sequencing: sequencing of the ADN from an organization having a genome of reference

- RNAseq: realization of transcripto-mic study per sequencing of the directional RNA.

- Sequencing of the microRNA

- AmpliSeq: sequencing of areas targeted of the genome (ex: genes implied in certain cancers) or of the transcriptome (eg: exome)


Ordering Information

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