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Transfer Elisa's to Microarrays INTO Microwell Plates


SirYus Technology

Multiplexed immunoassays, measurement of biomarkers in complex samples, rapid quantification of proteins, custom assays : Innobiochips offers powerful tools aimed at understanding life.

Immunoassays, as ELISA, represent a large part of diagnostic methods used currently for number of applications. Biochips, microarrays and related technologies are constantly offering more affordable, more precise and more powerful ways to boost biological analysis.

The Innobiochips goal is to conjugate the simplicity of ELISA with the power of microarrays.

Microarrays in 96-well plates


Thus, we have developed an innovative multiplex format : 96-well microarrays, called SirYus.

SirYus technology increases the number of assays that can run in parallel. With the same material and in the same time as an ELISA, up to 200 datas are availables.

Usually,microarrays are manufactured on glass slides. Brittle and sharp glass slides can be a safety hazard for biological sample handling. Use of plastic polymer enables to answer problems of safety and implementation.

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"Ready-to-print" plates

The SirYus-plate are compatible with all major brands of microarrayers and colorimetric microarrays readers. This substrate allow the binding of large number of variable biomolecules : antibodies, cellular extract, virus extract, proteins... Therefore, it offers a high capacity of microarrays manufacturing in 96-wells plates. No additional step is needed. You just have to put the plate into the arrayer and press “start”.

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Printing services




Innobiochips implements custom bioassays designed to answer specific biological questions: parallel protein quantification, multiplexed serology and much more. This service provides to customer an easy way to develop custom multiplexed assays using SirYus technology.

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Save Time, Samples and Money :


  • 96 patients per plate, up to 200 tests per well

  • 50 µl of samples

  • Workstation (~25000 €) and scanners (15~25000€) available

  • Printing service affordable (200~400 € per plate)

  • Less manipulations, less time (~2h30 for processing a plate)

  • and keep the sensitivity and efficiency !

Technologies comparison

Our technology combine the advantages of two commun laboratory techniques : ELISA and beads-based assays.

Below are comparison charts compiled from public information on these different methodologies.

For End-users :


For manufacturers :



ArrayWell Microarray Scanner



ArrayWell Microarray scanner, available for colorimetric or fluorescence scanning of Microarrays into Microwell plates.

Simple, efficient, fast and cheap


Antigen Microarrays and other Diagnostic Microarrays may take advantage of being spotted into Microwell plates : standard Elisa format, ease of handling and processing, with potentially 96 multiplex arrays into each 96-Microplate.

NanoPrint™ Protein microarrayers are enterprise level linear drive systems that provide universal platforms for research and diagnostic microarray manufacturing.

Shown is the NanoPrint™ Protein LM210 system with a capacity of 45 384-well sample microplates printing onto 210 standard glass substrates.


Shown is the NanoPrint™ Protein LM60 system with a capacity of three 384-well sample microplates printing onto 60 standard glass substrates.

The high speed, high precision linear servo control system of the NanoPrint™, results into superior instrument performance in both speed and precision. Combined with the efficient bench top design, user configurable worktable, humidity & dust control, host of available options and the flexible & sophisticated ArrayManager Software, the NanoPrint™ Protein system is the complete solution for high performance microarray printing into Microwell plates.