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Microarray Services / Consulting

European Biotech Network (EBN) specialise in Microarrays from the start of their development. EBN integrates the deep competences of its experts and the experience accumulated by recognised producers in the field.

EBN has established a valuable specialised network in Europe, allowing us to select the right experts for the right projects.

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Production of custom microarrays

Examples of Microarrays labelled with Fluorescence dyes or Colorimetric pigments

From design to the final analysis of DNA, Oligo's, Protein, Peptide... arrays, you can trust our skills and seriousness to produce your genomic and proteomic microarrays.

EBN helps researchers accelerate their discovery projects with custom-made solutions and biochip technologies. With tailor-made solutions based on in-depth knowledge of biomolecular chemistry and bioassays, EBN helps the pharmaceutical, agrifood, cosmetics and environment industries achieve superior performance levels.

Consulting services can be done as support on site or in our facilities, please contact us.

EBN European Biotech Network
Route d'Esneux, 140
B-4140 Dolembreux

Tel: +32 4 388 43 98
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Website: www.euro-bio-net.com